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It always been my opinion to use the least toxic option to eradicate a problem.  When used responsibly, I believe that pesticides can be safe and effective. Some media has a habit of scaring people to the point of taking unnecessary precautions that can quite possibly be more harmful than the threat.

You may already be treating for mosquitoes without knowing it. If you are on a tick spraying program, the answer is probably "yes," because the same products are used for both. Ticks have been a problem in Norwalk for a number of years, and its not uncommon for homeowners to be on tick control programs. Two to four tick applications during the season can reduce the population of ticks on your property anywhere from fifty to ninety- five percent. Mosquito spraying is done in a similar manner,  and is effective only for a short period of time due to the fact that mosquitoes are airborne and ticks are not.

My reasoning behind writing this blog post is not to stop people from treating for mosquitoes. I believe that reducing the mosquito threat is a good option. It is my opinion that if you are already spraying for ticks, additional applications for mosquito control may just be overkill.

Grassy Meadows is the best choice for all of your lawn care, shrub care, and tick control needs. Our Norwalk Lawn Care services will leave your grass lush and green, while our Norwalk Tick Control will keep your family and pets safe. Finally, our Norwalk Shrub Care will keep your shrubs and flowering trees looking their best.

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